Housing For All

Welcome on the site of Housing For All. We are a student committee fighting for students' right to housing.

We are driven by the toll that scarcity of affordable, liveable housing is taking on many members of the university community. Faced with worsening rental contracts, increasing prices, evictions and homelessness, we are worried about the consequences unstable living conditions are having on staff and students.

We feel that the university has a responsibility towards the environment in which staff and students teach and get taught. We are saddened by the lack of action, which is why we have decided to initiate this university-wide campaign.

If you agree with our demands, you can sign the petition, which will be handed to the Executive Board:

Petition in English

Petitie in het Nederlands

Help us raise awareness by organizing and spreading the word! United, we are stronger!

You can also checkout the events that we are organising via the following button: